The Infrastructure

Zigma School, is one of the best-equipped schools with facilities that support excellence in all areas. The infrastructure has been suitably planned to accommodate learning and the all-round development of the child. We have 50+ classrooms with smart board (Educom education) which enhance the students in visual education and makes them to understand their subject effectively.

The charming campus, with spacious class rooms is highly conducive for study. It is committed to provide quality education to the students enabling them to excel in all walks of life.

Zigma School is developing quality education with a view to prepare the students for professional courses like Engineering and Medicine. The school aims at providing education to people from all sections of the society, particularly to the downtrodden by offering scholarships and other possible help.


To enhance the learning ability and hands-on experience on practicals, the school has extra ordinary, spacious tiled laboratory system. The labs include Physics, Chemistry, Life sciences. The school has two Air-conditioned Computer Laboratories for primary and Higher class. The Inspector of Matriculation Schools gave all the credits to the fully facilitated computer Lab. All the Labs give students extensive practical experience to supplement the theories learnt in the classroom. The laboratories are filled with learning kits and the best apparatus for conducting experiments.


A spacious fully Air-Conditioned library has been setup to augment the reading habits of the students. Enough titles and volumes in subjects and general knowledge have been acquired to cater to the demands of the students and make them more knowledgeable. To update the knowledge on current affairs weekly and monthly magazines are all so provided to the students. This also will persuade and improve the students' to develop their language skills.

Sports Facilities

Zigma School offers the best sports & training facilities, we offer indoor games such as chess, carom board and table tennis. We also offer our traditional games like pallankuzhi, paramabatham in order to let the students know about our traditional games. Special instructors are present to teach, guide and personally ensure that the children thoroughly master the sport under safe supervision.


To make the young students to concentrate more and keep the body and mind fit and feel fresh, we constantly encourage and conduct Meditation classes and all faith prayer for all students. This will also help them to adhere to moral principles and values and thereby will make them good citizens. This will inculcate in them love, friendship, respect to elders and orderliness and devotion.

Student association activities

We mould the students to acquire overall development by encouraging the students to participate in the inter and intra school competitions. We conduct lot of programmes all round the year to make students relax and enjoy learning. There are separate associations for English, Tamil and Sports. Periodically, they arrange Elocution, Essay writing, Recitation and Quiz competitions to persuade them to compete with each other. Students enthusiastically participate in the cultural day activities such as story telling, dance, music, jokes, songs, mimicry, mono-acting poetry writing and magic shows.